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BackstoryAI helps screenwriters create realistic characters and stories for their scripts. Start with a basic description of your character and then ask BackstoryAI to tell you a story about them. BackstoryAI will help you flesh out your characters and make them more realistic and believable.

Rory McRexFace going camping on the night of the meteor that came and destroyed the dinosaurs

Rory McRexFace was excited to go camping on the night of the meteor that was supposed to pass by Messozoic. He packed his tent, some food, and his trusty spear. As he set up camp, he couldn't help but feel a sense of unease in the air.

As the night fell, Rory sat by the fire and gazed up at the sky. Suddenly, a bright light caught his eye. He watched in horror as the meteor crashed into the earth, causing chaos and destruction all around him.

Rory knew he had to act fast. He grabbed his spear and ran towards the nearest shelter he could find. As he ran, he saw his fellow dinosaurs being wiped out by the impact of the meteor.

Finally, Rory found a cave to hide in. He sat there, trembling with fear, as the earth shook and the sky turned dark. He knew that this was the end of the dinosaurs.

Days passed, and Rory emerged from the cave to find a world that was unrecognizable. The landscape was barren, and the only sound he could hear was the wind howling through the empty canyons. Rory realized that he was one of the only survivors.

From that day on, Rory McRexFace lived a solitary life, haunted by the memories of the meteor and the destruction it brought to his beloved Messozoic.