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Ethan Mitchell and their needs around illustration software. What scenarios do they need?

Ethan Mitchell was always fascinated by design and architecture. As an architect, he knew the importance of using illustration software for his work.

He had a few specific needs when it came to the software he used. Firstly, he needed it to have a variety of drawing tools that were easy to use and manipulate. He often found himself needing to make quick changes or adjustments to his designs, so the software needed to be intuitive and responsive.

Secondly, Ethan required the ability to import and export files in different formats. This was important as he often worked with clients who used different design software, so being able to share files seamlessly was crucial.

Lastly, Ethan needed the software to be compatible with his computer system. He was always on the go and needed something that could run smoothly on both his desktop computer in his office and his laptop when he was out visiting clients at their own locations.

Despite these demands, Ethan knew that finding the right illustration software could be a game-changer for him as an architect.